degenhartSHEDD Place Prize Photo Competition Winner Announcement

20 September 2011

Dedicated to the art of landscape photography in the urban environment

The winner of the inaugural degenhartSHEDD place prize, launched via Facebook to discover and explore all the great places on the Gold Coast, has been announced this week.

After considerable deliberation and extensive discussions amongst the three expert judges, the decision was unanimous to award the grand prize of $1000 to Steven Underhayes for his colourful and whimsical panoramic view of Carrara Markets.

The place prize, which was launched in July this year and ran for ten weeks, set out to reveal favourite places big and small , high profile and hidden, that exist on the Gold Coast.

Although each of the three judges has individual areas of expertise and come from different perspectives, it was the strength of Stephen’s image that won him the prize.

Expert Photographer Tom Anthony MIAPP said he would enjoy having the winning photo hanging in his own collection.

“I find the photo to be fun, edgy and evocative capturing the vibrant atmosphere of the space,” he said.

“The creative manipulation and special effects inject an artistic element.

“Steve should explore having the photo published or produced as art prints.”

The competition also included ten weekly winners earning $50 each and the People’s Choice Award for $150 which was judged by fellow Facebook friends.

Martyn Shedd MPIA and director of degenhartSHEDD was another judge, and commented on the content of the photo from an urban design perspective.

“The Cararra markets have a long history on the Gold Coast and they are a great place to spend a day,” he said.

“A high degree of permeability of the layout allows people to flow in and around the market stalls in a more intimate way than most typical shopping centres.

“The open stalls ensure a close engagement between the patrons and the ever-changing merchandise.”

Social planner Dr Wendy Sarkissian FPIA, the third judge, said the photo epitomises the variety of social life on the Gold Coast.

“It’s vibrant, colourful, and engaging and shows a dynamic community market which has become a feature of Gold Coast life in Carrara,” she said.

“I particularly like that the photo is stitched together from numerous shots taken on an iPhone.”

For more information, head to the degenhartSHEDD website where you can view all the entries and winning photos.

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