architecture + urban design


b. 1986, HK.


Amy Degenhart, FRAIA | architecture
Martyn Shedd | urban design


Lend Lease
Gold Coast City Council
Economic Development Queensland
+ more

PO Box 2189, Southport BC, QLD 4215, Australia
+61 432 861 536


degenhartSHEDD is a multi-award-winning architecture + urban design practice based on Queensland’s Gold Coast. With over 30 years’ experience in shaping streetscapes and building communities, we combine thoughtful architecture with engaging urban design to create vibrant urban villages. Our best and most recent architecture + urban design projects focus on the creative use of space to maximise value and amenity for occupiers and communities – now and into the future. Specialising in micro-lot and mixed-use design, we offer a unique package of passion and proficiency when it comes to:

  • developing, designing and delivering innovative housing products

  • solving challenging development issues without sacrificing neighbourhood character

  • balancing scale with architectural design in large development projects.

To learn more, click here for a detailed look at who we are and how we’ve applied these skills in the real world to create vibrant urban villages at every scale.